• numbers on signs, connected to the art project countdown by persons working with shibari
    countdown by persons working with shibari, the signs with numbers
  • kayak rower holding up a sign with a number from the art project countdown by persons in a kayak, shown at the exhibition Floating art by Vejle Kunstmuseum
    countdown by persons in a kayak, kayakrower showing the sign with the number of the day
  • 1-12 Calendar 2017 . Calendar with images from one of the counting art projects, made into an artwork publication, with the form of a calendar
    1-12 Calendar 2017, art publication in relation to presence andtime and date systems

Images and text about the counting projects
'Countdown by Persons Working with Shibari', 'Countdown by Persons in a Kayak' and '1-12 Calendar 2017'

Generally, in the counting projects, I am working with different ways of being present, connected to the act, seen or unseen and the passing of time.

A person working with rope-binding/kinbaku/shibari, will come by the space every day and place a sign with a number on it - number 100 the first day, 99 the next and so forth, until number 1 will be placed on the last day.
It is a daily performance, lasting 5-10 minutes, which will be performed sometime during the day or accordingly. The signs are left leaning up of a wall, stacking themselves, taking up more and more of the space during time.
It was a situation called 'Countdown by Persons Working with Shibari' created for the zunfthaus voltaire at manifesta 11, since it was quite a large project to conduct within a very short timeframe, unfortunately not realized. All the dots did not manage to fall into place for this 100-days project.

'Countdown by Persons in a Kayak' was made for an exhibition in Vejle, lasting 12 days. The 12-day exhibition was counted down each day by a kayaker who paddled out on the water and held up a sign with the number of the day.
The work is about time, place and the act, with focus on the concept of temporality/zeitlichkeit

'1-12 Calendar 2017' has been made with photographs from the countdown, but here the order is turned around, so instead of counting down it is making its mark, through the course of a year, by each month, showing the action of a day.
Here the temporal action of something that happened is connected to what is to come, and we are counting us through the months and the structure of days and weeks, all measured out from visibility of the moon and the rotation of the earth. It is possible to buy the calendar clicking here.

    - 12 minutes of talk about the counting projects, Esben Nedenskov Petersen was asked to share his thoughts -