Videbæk's Collection of Ordinary Objects

The image you see on the screen behind this text, is a photo of one of the objects that was handed in by a citizen in Videbæk, to become a part of the piece "Videbæk's Collection of Ordinary Objects".

The citizens of the town, Videbæk, was asked to lend an object of theirs, that they would classify as ordinary, to create the collection during the exhibitions period.

All of the handed in objects was displayed on a large storage shelf and presented in the exhibition Belonging|s, curated by Line Sandvad Mengers at Vestjyllands Kunstpavillon, March 4th - April 2nd, 2017.
It aims to question common structures and point towards a reflection on normativity and location.

Belonging|s is an exhibition displaying works by Anna Andersen, Osama Dawod, Victoria Lucas, Jeuno JE Kim and Lasse Krog Møller, Karen Petersen, Niels Pugholm and Vladimir Tomic.
Economies, societies and cultures have changed in line with global communications, military conflicts and the possibilities that rapid transport brings. How does it affect our sense of belonging to a place? Which of our personal belongings create our identities, when we navigate in a global reality.

In a hybrid constellation of photography, ceramics, drawing, sound and everyday objects, the participating artists have investigated fragments of belonging, where identity, geography and memory are all examined.